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We broke windows to rescue man set ablaze by his wife in Osun – Neighbour

The neighbours of Bolu Bamidele, the man who was allegedly set on fire by his wife over alleged infidelity, said they had to break about four windows before they could reach the house to rescue the victim.
Bamidele was allegedly set ablaze in his house at Koka village, in Obokun Local Government Area of Osun State, near the state capital, by his fiance, Ifeoluwa, on Sunday July 17, after she found out that he allegedly cheated on her and had a child outside wedlock.

She was also reported to have left a message on her WhatsApp status, indicating that her action was premeditated.

Bolu was rushed to the hospital where he died on Monday, July 18.

Narrating how they initially rescued the victim, a neighbour, Gabriel Adejare, said while he was returning from work around 7:30 pm, he met Ifeoluwa walking bare-footed in the community.

“When I moved closer to my house, I noticed smoke emiting from the house where Ife was staying. I observed for a while, then I realised that the house was on fire.

I rushed to the scene and met Ife’s younger sister, with some elders, in front of the gate. She then informed me that her elder sister and the boyfriend were quarrelling.

While she went out to call elders to help resolve the issue, the house had already been set on fire.

Her sister, Ife, had angrily left the house, locking all the doors, while the fiance was still in his bedroom. Instantly I tried to put off the fire, but I could not. I called for more help in the neighbourhood and we mobilised to extinguish the fire.

We were pouring sands and water on the fire and trying to break in through the window to rescue Bamidele.

We broke about four windows and burglaries before we could get in. We were able to rescue Bamidele from the fire after about 40 minutes.

We found him beside a burnt bed and we rushed him to a nearby hospital and he was referred to Osun State University Teaching Hospital, Osogbo and later referred to Ibadan for treatment.”he said

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