• Thu. Mar 30th, 2023


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Lady drags man online because he refused to pay her N7k transport fare after spending N111, 000 on date with her

Twitter users early Sunday morning, July 31, feasted on a story of a lady who got angry after a man refused to give her transport fare of N7,000, after he had spent N111,000 on a date with her.

It all started after Twitter user @oreoluwa_sugar took to the social media platform to complain about ‘I just got back’ (IJGB) guys, an acronym for people who just returned from overseas.

She tweeted; ”This is why I hate going out with all these ‘IJGB’ them no dey Sabi anything and they behave anyhow.”

Unknown to her, a friend of the guy who took her on a date saw her tweet and called her out.

He revealed how his friend spent N111,000 on the date with the said girl at Ikeja City Mall, and that she got angry when he refused to pay her N7,000 Uber fee after she got to her house in Yaba. He shared a screenshot of the lady’s conversation with his supposed friend.

“Well… I’ll like to know why @oreoluwa_sugar is trying to drag my guy after inviting her to ICM, sent her money for transport and she is still demanding for 7k uber fee around past 12 at night,,fgs ICM to Yaba for night wey road done free .. Someone that spent 111k ooo”

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