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A husband said to his wife: I miss my family, my brothers and their children, I hope you will prepare lunch tomorrow, and I will invite them today, since a long time ago we did not meet.

The wife said with a sigh: God willing, it will be good.

The husband said: I will invite my family then.

The next morning, the husband went to work, and at one o’clock he came home, and said to his wife: Did you cook lunch? My family will come in an hour.

And the wife said: No, I did not cook; Because your family are not strangers, and they can eat what is in the house.

The husband said: God forgive you! Why didn’t you tell me yesterday that you won’t cook and after an hour they should arrive, what will I do?

The wife said: Call them and apologize to them, they are not strangers, they are your family.

The husband left the house upset, and after a few minutes, the door of the house was being knocked, the wife got up and opened the door and was surprised that her family, brothers, sisters and children were entering the house!

Her father asked her, “Where is your husband?”

She said to him: He left a little while ago.

Her father said, “Yesterday, your husband invited us to lunch with you today. Is it possible for him to decide for us and leave the house?”

The wife was stunned by the news, and began rubbing her hands, puzzled that the food in the house was not befitting for her family, but her husband’s family.

She called her husband and said to him: Why didn’t you tell me that you intended to have my family for lunch?

He said to her: My family and your family, there is no difference.

She said to him: Please bring ready-made food with you, there is no food at home.

The husband said: I am now far from home and your family are not strangers. Feed them from the food in the house as you wanted to feed my family…

Moral Lesson: Do to others what you would have them to do unto you.

Please share this story to others…

Please share this story to others

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