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Singer Michelle Branch arrested for domestic violence amid split from husband Patrick Carney

Michelle Branch was arrested for domestic violence against her estranged husband, Patrick Carney,

Police were called to the “Everywhere” singer’s Nashville home at 2:08 a.m. local time Thursday, August 11, for a possible domestic disturbance, Page Six reports.

Court documents show she admitted to slapping the Black Keys musician “in the facial area one to two times,” so she was arrested.

Carney did not have any visible facial injuries, according to the complaint.

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Branch, 39, was released Thursday after she posted $1,000 bail.

She was originally ordered to be held for 12 hours, but she was released earlier “due to breastfeeding infant,” the documents read.

She has a hearing scheduled for Nov. 7, 2022, to face her charge of domestic assault by offensive/provocative conduct.

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