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NCDC confirms 15 Monkeypox cases in one week

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has said 15 new cases of Monkeypox disease were reported in seven days between August 1 and 7, in 10 states in the country. 

The affected states and the number of cases they recorded was listed as follows; Imo (three), Federal Capital Territory (two), Ondo (two), Rivers (two), Abia (one), Anambra (one), Ebonyi (one), Edo (one), Ogun (one) and Nasarawa (one).

Since the beginning of the year, a total of 172 confirmed cases of the disease have been recorded.

Six states accounted for 50 per cent (86 cases) of the disease burden in the country.

They are: Lagos (20), Ondo (16), Rivers (13), Adamawa (13), Bayelsa (12) and Delta (12). Sadly, four Nigerians have died of the Monkeypox disease.

The statement added; 

 “Sixty new suspected cases were reported in Epi week 31, 2022 (August 1 to 7, 2022) from 19 states – Ebonyi (8), Abia (5), Adamawa (5), Ondo (5), Taraba (5), FCT (4), Imo (4), Lagos (4), Ogun (4), Edo (3), Anambra (2), Gombe (2), Kwara (2), Rivers (2), Cross River (1), Oyo (1), Kano (1), Nasarawa (1) and Niger (1).

“Of 60 suspected cases, 15 new confirmed cases have been recorded in Epi week 31, from 10 states — Imo (three), FCT (two), Ondo (two), Rivers (two), Abia (one), Anambra (one), Ebonyi (one), Edo (one), Ogun (one) and Nasarawa (one).

“From January 1 to August 7, 2022, there have now been 473 suspected cases with 172 confirmed cases (115 male, 57 female) from 27 states – Lagos (20), Ondo (16), Adamawa (13), Rivers (13), Delta (12), Bayelsa (12), Edo (nine), Nasarawa (nine), Anambra (seven), FCT (seven), Imo (seven), Plateau (six), Taraba (five), Kwara (five), Kano (five), Abia (four), Cross River (three), Borno (three), Oyo (three), Gombe (three), Katsina (two), Kogi (two), Ogun (two), Niger (one), Bauchi (one), Akwa Ibom (one) and Ebonyi (one).

“Four associated deaths have been recorded from four states in 2022 – Delta (one), Lagos (one), Ondo (one) and Akwa Ibom (one)

“Overall, since the re-emergence of monkeypox in September 2017, 985 suspected cases have been reported from 35 states in the country.

“Of these 985 suspected cases, 398 (40.4 per cent) were confirmed (263 male, 135 female) from 30 states – Rivers (65), Bayelsa (55), Lagos (50), Delta (41), Edo (19), Cross River (17), Ondo (16), Imo (15), Adamawa (13), FCT (13), Nasarawa (11), Oyo (nine), Plateau (nine), Anambra (nine), Akwa Ibom (eight), Abia (seven), Kano (five), Taraba (five), Kwara (five), Enugu (four), Borno (three), Gombe (three), Ogun (three), Benue (two), Ekiti (two), Niger (two), Katsina (two), Kogi (two), Ebonyi (two), and Bauchi (one).

“Twelve (12) deaths have been recorded (CFR 3.0 per cent) since September 2017 in nine states – Lagos (three), Edo (two), Imo (one), Cross River (one), FCT (one), Rivers (one), Ondo (one) Delta (one) and Akwa Ibom (one).”

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