• Fri. Mar 31st, 2023


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Tonto Dikeh says she will ‘hate herself for a very long time’ after a woman’s son died when she didn’t help them because of her past experience

onto Dikeh has expressed regret after a mother she refused to help financially lost her child.

The actress revealed that she gave almost half a million Naira to a random fan who reached out to her with a pitiful story.

However, after helping, she realised it was most likely a scammer as the account was immediately deleted after she sent the money.

After that encounter, she said she got a similar message from a mother asking for help for her sick son but she refused due to the previous experience.

She added that she later got news that the woman’s son has died and she now regrets not helping the woman.

She proceeded to lament that people with bad intentions are jeopardising the chances of those who are genuine.

She added that she will hate herself for a long time for not helping the mother and her son before it was too late.

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