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By Onomiguren Agbamu

Chief job and Wealth Creation Bureau, Delta state, prof Eric Eboh has warned those that are selected to train those that are shortlisted in the skill and entrepreneur Programme not indulge in or cover up for trainee that are not regular at the training.

Prof. Eric Eboh gave this warning at a programme inception workshop for year 2022-step trainers at Asaba, Delta state.

Prof Eboh disclosed that the purpose of the workshop is to familiarize selected STEP trainers with the rules, regulations, and code of conduct for the training of STEP.

He added that to perfect the documentations of selected STEP trainers before the onset of the training and to obtain the commitment of selected STEP trainers in the training activity.

He noted this year 2022 trainer’s workshop covers six categories, skills/ enterprise.

Why emphasizing on the DO’s for STEP trainers, he warned that , the trainers should allow and guide the trainee in using their equipment and facilities for learning and practice.

And that the trainers should provide adequate qualified and well motivated instructors to conduct the training exercise, while pointing out that the trainer can add any helpful material that is useful to the trainee.

Prof. Eric at the pink of his presentation, said the state government has graduated a total 6,075 from 2015 to 2021, and that the STEP, YAGEP AND GEEP are founded on integrity, sayings the demands of the programme has grown extremely on yearly basis.

He urged the trainers to hold this integrity with high esteem and the standard to the last day of the programme.

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