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Reload Multivitamin emerges as Best Value for Money Multivitamin Brand 2022

From left Professor Ekata Rosemary Isibor of Amachree University, Benin Republic presenting Value for Money Multivitamin Brand of the year 2022 (Reload Multivitamin) to Pharm. Jude Elue, Director, Sales and Marketing, Reload Brands lLLC and Pharm. Ikechukwu Aneke, Head of Marketing at the first edition of Consumers Value Awards/Dinner held in Lagos on Wednesday.

It was a night of glamour as brands were rewarded for the first time by Consumers through voting for brands considered to have provided a degree of expected value.

Reload Multivitamin (www.reloadvitamins.com) from the stable of Reload Brands LLC (RBL) was one of the brands to emerge within the multivitamin category as a brand of value based on the consumer vote on the website.

Customers were encouraged to voice their pleasure or dissatisfaction with brand performances based on brand claims for three months between April 1 and June 30 in 2022, and reload was duly chosen as a brand of value within its category as a result.
Tony Obot, Chief Executive of Kandaval Communications, stated during the award ceremony that “the leading multivitamin brand had won the category with around 81% of the votes cast, making it the best value for money brand for the coming year 2022”.

Later, Reload Multivitamin (https://reloadvitamins.com) was identified as the chosen brand.

“We are thrilled with the result of the vote that was not influenced by anyone or anything except the influence of the consumers’ experience, and therefore it is a credible statement we will take to the market,” said Pharm. Jude Elue, Director of Sales and Marketing at Reload Brands LLC.

Bryan Hunsaker, President of Reload Brands LLC, U.S.A. said the introduction of Reload Multivitamin range of Products was to contribute their own quota in the Nigerian health sector to fill the nutritional gaps found across all age groups. He reiterated the fact that the Reload Multivitamin range were designed for different age groups with tailored formulations to suit their nutritional needs. 

Whilst welcoming guests to the event, Chief Adedayo Ojo, Chairman of Consumers Value Broadcasting said in Nigeria’s business environment, consumers are already inundated with almost too much hype, publicity and promotions, some of which are not approved by the regulatory authorities. This situation throws up an opportunity for some guiding light to help navigate through the labyrinth. It is our mission to provide the required guiding light and deliver value that will make brands, products and services more accountable to consumers.

What sets the Consumers Value Awards apart is that consumers decide on who wins.

Therefore, our role as organizers is restricted to facilitating the conversation between products, services, brands and consumers. More importantly, we are committed to doing these transparently, ethically and with integrity.

For more information on Reload multivitamin visit: www.reloadvitamins.com or https://reloadvitamins.com

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