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2023: Urhobo Rebirth Congress Advises Urhobos To Be United Indivisible Entity

By Onomiguren Agbamu

Ahead of the 2023 general election, the President General of the Urhobo Rebirth Congress, Comrade Ogheneochuko Stephen has advised all Urhobos to be more United more than ever before as a formidable entity for a Collective agenda.

Comrade Ogheneochuko who spoke through a phone interview said the only way the Urhobos could attain their potentials and be great again is only when they stop their infighting in their respective political parties and support sellable candidates who have their interest at heart in the forthcoming elections.

He explained that in the days of old, when the Urhobos were very United, development and transformation of the entire Urhobo kingdoms was very rapid as that sense of belongings and transparency which has it then that the Urhobos are one, ( urhobo, ovuovo, urhobo ovuovo ) was the norms.

Comrade Ogheneochuko added that they came into existence since 2011 with the aim of bringing back the Urhobos into one united body as it were in the days of old where all were one people with a pride of their cultural heritage, customs, and traditions believing one man at a time as their leadership without division or political inclinations.

He stated that they have come to realized that at any time in point when politics is at its pick, the Urhobos instead of reasoning among themselves positively by opting for one preferred and best candidate who can do their bidding, instead they fight dirty among themselves, which he said is retrogressive.

He appealed to his people that there should be no more fight among themselves so that they can forge ahead for a Collective action and progress since their agenda is on massive transformation for the entire Urhobo land as he solicited for moral and financial support for the group so that they can serve Urhobo people better.

He advised the governor of Delta State, Senator Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa to continue his qualitative leadership style and never to deviate from that standard.

Comrade Ogheneochuko enjoined the Governor to finish strong by applying fatherly wisdom to his administration by enshrining good governance in Delta state before his onward movement to Abuja as the Country’s Vice president.

He advised him further to do all it takes in winning all the South-South states in the forthcoming general elections, which he must start now by ensuring that the in fighting thing among the PDP family is resolved amicably as a matter of urgency.

Comrade Ogheneochuko emphasized that in ensuring that the governor succeeds better, he should be more proactive and tactical in his approach to issues and be wise enough so that first, he can conveniently complete his assignment in Delta state before embarking on his journey to Abuja by God’s grace.

“ I, am equally advising other stakeholders in PDP to come together and fight a formidable fight of winning elections. No one should arrogate powers to himself. No one is greater than God. Whatever position you are occupying is from God. “

” We want Urhobo people to come together, work together as a formidable group so that we can forge ahead as one single entity as we have it in the time of old. We do not want corrupt people or thugs to rule over us. We need only peaceful and progressive people who can take us to another level of development and progress as we have it then when we say Urhobos are one, Urhobos are one”

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