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Wind -Up Premier Specialist Medical Centre, Medical Partner Tells Court

A Nigerian medical practitioner, Dr Omololu Oshinowo has dragged his company partner, The Premier Specialist Medical Centre Limited before a Federal High Court over the refusal of the company to pay his entitlements of over One hundred million Naira (#100 million) after retiring from the company he joined to establish in 1992 with two other founding members.

Dr Omololu Oshinowo retired from the Premier Specialist Medical Centre in March 2022 after attaining the age of 70 as spelt out in the agreement of the company.

The company therefore presented three options of the payment plan occassioned by his retirement and the sum of One hundred and eight millon #108m) was agreed upon as retirement benefits, but Dr. Omololu reached for the last option which paved way for initial payment of #10 million and monthly payment of #3million until the whole #108million retirement benefit is liquidated.

The Premier Specialist Medical Centre Limited made a payment of #6 million in May and June 2022 in two installments of #3.5 million and #2.5 millions respectfully which is a total deviation from the initial agreement instituted by The Premier Specialist Medical Centre Limited itself, leaving a total of #102 millions unsettled.

Dr Omololu Oshinowo felt cheated after the company refused to or showed any sign of settling the outstanding balance.
Dr Omololu Oshinowo decided to approach The Federal High Court in Lagos through his Lawyer Wale Adesokan SAN to seek redress.

He therefore pray that the court of law should wind up the company until the total of #102 million and 25% on monthly basis be paid to him and that the court should supervise the action until he is paid his full entitlement.

However, the Premier Specialist Medical Centre Limited approached it’s lawyer, Dr Kemi Pinheiro SAN to take on the case

Meanwhile, the medical Partner Dr Omololu Oshinowo who felt cheated stated clearly that a former colleague Dr Omotunde Wale Ogunlaja who was retired like him few years ago was duly compensated in likewise some leaving behind Dr Mrs Ehinwema Abiodun Aluko on whose shoulder the management of Premier Specialist Medical Centre lies and responsibility bestowed on the running of the company as the only founding partner left behind.

The law firm engaged by Premier Specialist Medical Centre has responded by praying that the honourable court should entertain Dr Omololu Oshinowo suit as the matter is a Labour related one and should be addressed in an industrial court. The respondent also claimed that the court lacks the jurisdiction in the hearing of the matter.

As at today, the battle has been taken to the court and the onus lies in the hands of the judiciary to do justice to the matter as all eyes are before the court to see if Justce will prevail.

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