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Married South African rugby player, Elton Jantjies and his team’s dietician are sent home from Argentina amid reports they are having extramarital affair

Rugby world champions, South Africa have been rocked by a scandal after fly-half Elton Jantjies and Springbok dietician, Zeenat Simjee were sent home from Argentina, so as not to cause distractions to the team. 

It was reported that Jantjies is allegedly involved in an affair with the team’s dietician Zeenat Simjee. He is married to Iva Ristic, and they have three children.

 Married South African rugby player, Elton Jantjies and his team

According to The Citizen by way of News24, the two set up trysts at two different locations in Mbombela, South Africa, ahead of the first Test against New Zealand last month. Jantjies apparently did not stay in the same hotel as his teammates as is tradition. 

The pair was reported to have been spotted at one of the guest houses by a father and his son, who went to approach Jantjies for an autograph.

Details also emerged in the article about how the ‘couple’ engaged in loud love-making which is said to have made other guests uncomfortable. 

The team also confirmed that both of them have been sent back home as they 
prepare for the Test against Argentina.

The team’s statement read: ‘The Springbok management are aware of reports regarding Springbok fly-half Elton Jantjies and team dietician Zeenat Simjee between the training camp in Sabie and the Test match against New Zealand in Mbombela earlier this year. 

‘No team protocols were breached, but the individuals are returning to South Africa to attend to these personal reports and to eliminate any distractions to the team’s preparations for the Test against Argentina.

Jantjies, 32, whose club side is Japanese outfit NTT Red Hurricanes, is alleged to have left without paying housekeeping fees of £200 and then accruing a bill of £1295 at a separate guest house.  

It was gathered that some of the funds were spent on flowers that included a note where Jantjies confessed his love to Simjee.

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