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August Alsina accuses Tory Lanez of hitting him, shares a bloodied photo

August Alsina has accused Tory Lanez of rolling up on him with his goons on Saturday September 17. 

He backed up the claim with a photo of him leaning up against an elevator wall with blood running down his mouth and appearing dazed. The singer who alleged Tory’s crew got the whole thing on camera, asked them to release the footage.

Alsina said he went public because he’d seen/heard Tory running his mouths to blogs and wants to get the true story out there.

He further alluded to Tory taking shots at him back in 2020 when he rapped about his relationship with Jada Pinkett-Smith. He assumed that Tory didn’t like him and didn’t feel the need to pretend to be friends.

Alsina wrote; 

As I’m exiting the building after the show last night, A 4’11 sized leprechaun ran down on me w/ 8 oversized security nigxas, whom I greeted each individually upon their walk up as they tried to press me.
Whole time, I’m one deep. No security.

Tory continues to ask w/ a broken ego why I didn’t dap him up, I go on to tell him.. I was a fan of him and didn’t understand him speaking on my business publicly In the past, because I don’t know him or ever met him until last night. So when he spoke it caught me off guard because of his past actions, i assumed he didn’t like me, that’s all. Not to mention, with my history of health & condition just recently overcoming being paralyzed, my doctor directed me not to compromise my health while out on road and shake as less hands as possible due to corona, & monkeypox.

Never any disrespectful words were exchanged, so i was a bit confused at how somehow he turnt him self up w/ anger after hitting a blunt laced with cocaine obviously, (i heard the fizzle) and he snuck me when I turned my head to move to the side amongst all his antsy moving and to keep an eye on the endless niggas that was w/ him surrounding me. Which was security and some nigxa with a gun tucked… whom he then proceeded to run behind and hide to run back in the building. There was never a “fight”! Simply an Assault. Dude has no real friends, and is on a crash out mission. With that said, I was gone keep it G & not come to the net, but you moving with foul intent feeding falsities to blogs to look for a “moment” cus them moments ain’t happening on stage for u.

I will assist you in that, gracefully.
His ppl got the whole thing on camera, PUT. THE. FOOTAGE. OUT!!
I’d like to see it 🙂 anyway, leme go clean this blood off my face w/ some @encinawellness

August Alsina accuses Tory Lanez of hitting him, shares a bloodied photo

However Tory Lanez is denying the incident. He claimed he has been in the studio and was never involved in such fight. 

August Alsina accuses Tory Lanez of hitting him, shares a bloodied photo
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