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Woman Dies After Delivering Quintuplets

The joy of Mr & Mrs Sunday Obi of Igbe Ogume, Ndokwa West local government was cut short on Friday, September 16, 2022 following the death of the woman after delivering a set of Quintuplets.

The couple had stayed happily together for 16 years without blessing of the womb. They committed the marriage into the hands of God and became devout christians. They prayed like the biblical Paul and Silas day and night asking God to delete their names from the list of barren couple.

Their prayer was granted as she took in early this year. In the evening of Friday, September 16, 2022 news filtered into Igbe community that Mrs Joy Obi gave birth to a set of Quintuplets (two boys and three girls) at Asaba. The news also had it that one of the boys died soon after delivery.

The news spread like harmattan fire and people from other communities thronged the family compound to be doubly sure and to celebrate with them. It was the highest child delivery ever recorded in the entire Ogume clan. The highest before now were set of triplets. The celebration was so amazing prompting one of the socialites in the community who did not want his name in print to organize a DJ to light up the environment and entertain with music.

People danced their hearts out till the next morning.
In the morning of Saturday, September 17, 2022 the news of the death of Mrs Joy Obi a health worker with Ndokwa West local government came to the community. “Have you heard the news about the death of Sunday Obi’s wife?” rented the air. She died the previous night when people were celebrating her delivery in her absence.

It was a rude shock and a very sad news that people couldn’t go to farm and shop owners couldn’t open their shops for business. Everyone in the community was thrown into mourning mood.
As at press time the babies are in incubator at undisclosed hospital at Asaba.

The challenges before Mr Sunday Obi the husband are enormous. They range from how to raise money for the hospital bills and who will take care of the children when they are discharged from the hospital. He is seeking assistance from spirited individuals, corporate organizations and government.

Mr Sunday Obi

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