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“My job is done” Obasanjo says as he vacates his seat and puts Peter Obi on it (video)

Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo vacated his seat and placed Presidential aspirant Peter Obi on it in a move considered symbolic by supporters of Obi.

Both statesmen were at an event recently and, just before leaving, Obasanjo gave a short speech then elevated Peter Obi by placing him on his seat, and the moment was caught on video.

The video begins as Obasanjo is rounding up his speech, saying, “… the president of Nigeria…” while looking in Peter Obi’s direction.

As another guest at the event starts walking towards Labour Party’s presidential Candidate Peter Obi’s seat, Obasanjo tells the guest, “leave him o. Leave him,” eliciting laughter from other guests.

Obasanjo then goes to Peter and the former Anambra State Governor stands from his seat and shakes hands with the former Nigerian President.

Obasanjo continues holding Obi’s hand and then leads him to his own seat.

After placing Peter Obi in his seat, Obasanjo then walks away, saying: “Ehen, my job is done.”

Obasanjo exits the venue immediately after that.

Watch the video below.


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