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Iran to sue U.S for allegedly having ‘direct involvement’ in month long nationwide protests

Iran has said it would take legal action against the United States, accusing it of “direct involvement” in the protests sweeping the country.

Anti-government protests have gripped Iran since the Sept.16 death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died after being pulled off the streets of Tehran by morality police and taken to a “re-education center” for wearing a hijab improperly.

Strikes and protests have become a common sight in cities and towns across the country and in the capital chants of “death to the dictator” — in reference to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei normally ring out.

Iran to sue U.S for allegedly having

The U.S. also announced sanctions on Iran’s morality police “for abuse and violence against Iranian women and the violation of the rights of peaceful Iranian protesters” and is working to making it easier for Iranians to access the internet.

On Sunday, October 23, Tehran promised to sue the US and also warned the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia they would “not be ignored by the Islamic Republic’s judiciary system” for their role in hosting and supporting TV networks such as BBC Persian and Iran International — which it claimed had urged protesters “to destroy public and private properties.”

Iranian state news agency IRNA reported on Saturday October 21, that the Justice Department “has been tasked to file a lawsuit in order to investigate the damages and meddling inflicted by the U.S.’s direct involvement in the unrest.”

IRNA also reported the claims against the BBC and Iran International, made by the deputy head of the Iranian Judiciary and secretary of the country’s High Council for Human Rights Kazem Gharibabadi.

Over the weekend, videos of protests against the Iranian regime showed a crowd at Tehran’s Shahid Behasti University chanting “Freedom, freedom, death to the dictator, death to Khamenei.”

Students at Tabriz University in East Azerbaijan province also took to the streets chanting in unison that regime change was on the horizon, according to IranWire, and at Yazd University in Yazd province, students sang a century-old pre-revolutionary anthem.

Watch videos of protests below

45 Seconds of Defiance: An Iranian woman blocks the street, headscarf off, arms uncovered, combs her hair for the world (and the regime) to see. All are crimes in today’s #Iran , as protests enter day 38 pic.twitter.com/CCH4xLznup— Joyce Karam (@Joyce_Karam) October 24, 2022

Please Share!#GhazalehChalabi , a 32 year old girl, was filming the protests with her mobile phone in #Iran. She was killed by a direct bullet fired by the Islamic Republic regime. #IranProrests2022
#?????_?????#????????? #????_????? #????????_?????? pic.twitter.com/py5HUMciaV— Iman Sefati (@ISefati) October 21, 2022

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