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Rabbit joins police in California as its ‘wellness officer’

A bunny known as Percy is officially the newest staff member of the Yuba City Police Department in California.

According to the police department, Percy is set to work as a ‘wellness officer’ after he was found lost and by himself on the street in October 2022.

According to reports, an Officer Ashley Carson, was on patrol when she discovered the bunny on Percy Avenue  and picked him up to protect him.

Rabbit joins police in California as its ?wellness officer?

’In order to ensure the rabbit’s safety, Officer Carson picked him up, realizing how docile and friendly he was’, the force explained in a statement.

‘The rabbit was taken to animal control but was not claimed by his family.’

When Percy was later put up for adoption, the force jumped at the opportunity.

Days before Easter Sunday, they announced the rabbit’s promotion to wellness officer, which sees him support officers with cuddles.

Rabbit joins police in California as its ?wellness officer?

 ’We would like to introduce Wellness Officer Percy. YCPD has a wellness program for both employees and their families. ” The force said.

‘Our wellness program promotes the importance of prioritizing mental and physical health, providing tools and resources to reduce stress and create a positive foundation for well-being.

‘Officer Percy lounges at the police department during the day and is a support animal for all.’

Most staff members ‘enjoy his company, while some are still getting used to the idea of a rabbit being inside a police department’, they added with a laughing emoji.

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