As Nigerians seek, through the 2023 general elections, to rescue the country from the current unprecedented level of decay, Ndokwa West people have a chance to elect a credible and reliable member of the Delta State House of Assembly to represent their interest. Enough of personal interest above community needs. It is time for Ndokwa West to develop through productive representation at the State House of Assembly.
The man for this moment is a thoroughbred professional who is passionate about community service and has over the years given his time, talent and resources for the common good.
Chief Chuks Onyemulu, FCA, is the man for Ndokwa West in the Delta State House of Assembly, 2023.

He comes with tremendous pedigree – a Chartered Accountant of high repute (ICAN), deep and diverse professional experience, a Management Consultant with high value adding services to both the private and public sector exposure, humble and amiable social disposition, a knack for community service, a philanthropist, a strategic Mindset, a team player. He feels the pain of the Ndokwa man. A bold and courageously honest man.
Chuks is the candidate for the Delta State House of Assembly, Ndokwa West Constituency under Labour Party and will join the new political movement to make Ndokwa West great.

What challenges will Chuks Onyemulu contend with if he is chosen as the authentic Ndokwa West Voice?

He will confront the following:
1. Our constant neglect that has put Ndokwa in the second fiddle underdog status as if we are a conquered territory by every government in power
2. Poor representation that has made our people dependenrly poor followers and clearly in a beggarly posture and never able to assert ourselves or boldly fight for our rights.
3. Our total neglect in the power loop that take decisions that adversely affect Ndokwa Nation. Someone must confront our exclusion in social infrastructure distribution in the State in NDDC Management, in Tertiary Institution and leadership distribution.
4. Taking undue advantage of our able bodied, educated but unemployed youths, majority of whom are denied of a noble and proud future, because they are desperately seeking daily survival. They are used as thugs during elections and thereafter abandoned to their fate.

  1. These are but a few issues that he will boldly confront, because, until they are resolved, Ndokwa people will ever remain dominated and palliative managed.
    A new wave is in the offing. Chuks is bold and courageous, an educated and experienced professional, exposed and above all, God fearing.
    Let’s join the wind of change and break the chains holding us back for too long.

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