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Great Seer Ayomipe Jatto Predicts end time”December 17th”

Jun 20, 2023 #Feature, #National News

Ayomipe Jatto who’s a Seer, Aristocrat “Jatto the Great” who’s also a freedom fighter predicts End time which he described as the most horrific event ever.

Jatto in his prediction described it as the most destructive event ever where people starved to death to the extent of eating ants and grasses .

Fire rained from the Sky houses were burnt with lighting which killed Million of people around the world , burial sites around the world where people where buried alive Seas where filled up with Sand and people were left with no water to drink, people crawled with saliva dropping from their mouths and gather to together some cried lesser Gods but there was no answer but no response because they were all killed by the sand storm with fire from the sky some Cry for Mercy but there was no mercy , people feed their children with human flesh as there was no animal or food to eat.

The Great seer predicts the End time will take place 17 December, 6068 the Americans will fail, the world technology will fail, all demons will be killed thick darkness will cover the world a City close to Nigeria which was own by a Great King and Seer will be the last existing place where people ran to for safety because they got less attacks but their gates were closed to neighboring countries where his citizens all looked up to God in front of his statue with his convenant seal with God for protection and less people where killed.

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