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Disability community pleads with Tinubu to give them appointments

Jun 22, 2023 #News

The Albino Foundation (TAF Africa) on Thursday, June 22 asked President Bola Tinubu, for appointments into his cabinet in the new administration.

Speaking during a press conference, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder, TAF Africa, Amb. Jake Epelle (pictured above), in an open letter addressed to the President pointed out that appointment of Persons With Disabilities, PWDs, with requisite qualifications to be part of the cabinet is imperative at this point as far as they are citizens.

According to Epelle, Tinubu’s commitment to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in his cabinet will not only transform the lives of millions but also inspire a wave of positive change throughout the society, and demonstrate his commitment to the principles of equality and social justice, which will create a more just, equitable, and prosperous Nigeria for all.

The letter reads in part;

“TAF Africa writes you this open letter as a concerned organization that advocates for the rights and recognition of persons with disabilities in Nigeria.

“We strongly urge you to prioritize the inclusion of persons with disabilities in your cabinet appointments, thereby fostering an inclusive and representative government.

“It is an unfortunate reality that persons with disabilities in our society often face significant barriers to accessing basic rights and opportunities.

“Despite the progress made in recent years, we continue to witness the marginalization and exclusion of this significant population.

“As the leader of our great nation, you have the power to change this narrative and make a resounding statement about the values and potential of persons with disabilities.

“By Including persons with disabilities in your cabinet, you would not only ensure their representation in decision-making processes but also harness their unique perspectives and expertise.

“The experiences and insights of persons with disabilities can greatly contribute to the development and implementation of policies that address the specific needs and challenges faced by the community.

“Their inclusion would bring about more comprehensive and effective governance, fostering a society that truly upholds the principles of equality, diversity, and social justice.”

“To achieve this, we appeal that you consider the following recommendations: Actively seek out qualified and competent Persons with disabilities who possess the skills, expertise, and experience required for your cabinet positions.

“Establish a transparent and inclusive selection process that ensures equal opportunities for persons with disabilities to apply and compete for positions.

“Collaborate with relevant disability organizations, advocacy groups, and experts to identify suitable candidates and ensure their smooth integration into the cabinet.

“Provide necessary support and accommodations to facilitate the effective participation of persons with disabilities in their roles.

“Encourage other public and private sector organizations to follow suit and promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities in their leadership positions.

“Invest in disability awareness and sensitivity training for all government officials and employees to foster a culture of inclusivity and eliminate discrimination.”

“We urge you and thirty-six (36) state governors to take immediate action in addressing this critical issue by actively seeking out qualified persons with disabilities to serve in your cabinet as Ministers, Heads of Parastatals, Ambassadors, and Commissioners”, the letter added.

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