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Without side ch!cs, a lot of marriages will be broken today because a lot of married women cannot satisfy their husbands – Blessing CEO, says

Jun 23, 2023

Self-acclaimed relationship expert, Blessing ‘’CEO” Okoro, is of the opinion that without side chics, many marriages today, would have packed up. 

Blessing shared this opinion while speaking in an interview. In her words;

‘’Without side chics, a lot of marriages will be broken today. That is one of the realities we need to face because a lot of these married women cannot satisfy their husbands. Men are adventurous in nature. There are sometimes a woman is pregnant, lots of things are happening to her, she is not in the mood, she is busy, and the man is out there. The side chic does the work. If there is no side chic to play that role, men would walk away. So the side chics are just that desert to satisfy themselves and come back”

She went on to say that what people have nowadays is not marriage but ‘co-habitation’. 

Watch a video of her speaking here.

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