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INEC ICT team is not resilient enough to tackle system hacking — Former Commissioner

Jul 5, 2023 #Politics

A former National Commissioner of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Mustapha Lecky, has said that the commission’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) unit are not competent enough to tackle any technological disruption in their system.

Lecky made the claim during an interview on Channels Television, adding that INEC should have stuck with the manual process since it is not yet matured technologically, instead of promising to transmit election results in real-time. 

He said; 

“They tried those things in the US (United States), you saw what happened, they were hacking it. So, how many people do you have in the INEC? I worked in INEC, I know the ICT guys, good guys, good ladies that work there, they are not as resilient to be able to rise up to the challenge if their system is being hacked. 

“The staff there don’t have that kind of competence to be able to respond to any manner of disruption technologically. Just (a) few guys that are there, you talk about advanced countries like the US that were struggling and then you are talking about Nigeria, how are they going to rise to it?

“So, the issue of over-promising damaged the reputation of INEC and that should not have happened.”

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