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EFFECT OF DRUG ABUSE- Orovwigho Junior Bryan

Jul 6, 2023
  Drug, according to its generic meaning, refers to any chemical substance which, when taken into the body or applied externally, has a specific effect on its functioning. It also refers to any such substance, especially one which is abused, habitual or addictive, and possession of which is illegal. In other words., drug here is taken to mean an illegal that people swallow, smoke or inject to make them feel happy or excited.

  Ordinarily, drug can also refer to the various medicines prescribed by physicians to cure, suppress, or prevent certain ailments or diseases in the body. Drugs that are supposed to be the source of getting rid of illnesses or diseases have unfortunately now turned out to be a problem in society.  

  The indiscriminate use of drugs among the populace without following I doctor’s prescriptions has had a lot of negative effects on the lives of the perpetrators, including physical and mental imbalances. Drugs are abused when one takes more than the recommended doses, or when used wrongly to achieve an intended result. This is common among the youths who believe that taking hard drugs whenever they want to carry out any arduous task gives them extra strength. Drugs commonly used include cocaine, heroine, Indian hemp, etc, which are mostly injurious to the body and health of perpetrators.

  Drug abuse has become a matter of constant discussion in the media all over the country in recent times. The menace of this evil is becoming so alarming that every sector of our society has been plagued by it.

  There are lots of dangers in drug abuse. In fact, many people. Out of ignorance have jeopardized their lives by taking more than recommended drugs for medication. Sometimes some of the drug users take drugs to enhance their performance at sporting activities, or to make them stay awake when preparing for examinations or other events.

  In our society nowadays, it is common to see young children with one deformity or the other. This is often the result of pregnant mothers taking wrong or illegal drugs during pregnancy.

  Drug abuse also leads to severe psychiatric cases such as we have around in the country these days. Many youths I who abuse hard drugs always end up having mental problems which subsequently land them in psychiatric hospitals.

  Our national prestige and honour are at stake because of the negative effects of this anti-social case of I drug abuse. Many Nigerians traveling abroad are from time to time subjected to humiliating searches at the points of entry into other countries. This has really dented the image of this country. Many Nigerians have also been jailed for drug trafficking.

  Many crimes committed can be traced to drug abuse. The high rate of criminal activities is an indication of the danger inherent in drug abuse. For instance, armed robbers and the like operate under drug influence which make them to be bold and ruthless in their nefarious activities. It is obvious that drug abuse has posed a lot of dangers to our society, and government as a matter of urgency should do something to nip the problem in the bud.

  It is now pertinent that everyone needs to be educated on the dangerous consequences of drug abuse. Mass enlightenment campaigns should be organized by government. Besides. Government should promulgate a law which forbids the sale of drugs in open market places and by unauthorized hawkers and unlicensed medicine peddlers. There should also be a law which forbids a chemist from selling drugs to people without prescription paper from a doctor or a pharmacist.

  Religious bodies also have a role to play in this matter. They should rise up to educate their members on the side effects of drug abuse. And ensure that members are well monitored in their activities.

  Moreover, parents and guardians have a lot to do concerning the proper upbringing of their children. They should always remember the saying that charity begins at home What their children are doing either at home or schools should be monitored. Parents should be able to inculcate good morals into their children and make then realize the dangerous consequences of drug abuse on someone's life.

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