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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu must not die in Jail Ayomipe Jatto sends strong message to President Bola Tinubu

Jul 10, 2023

Political Activist, Seer and Aristocrat Ayomipe Jatto says the APC led government of the Muhammad buhari administration passed a baton of militia character to President Bola Tinubu after keeping the leader of indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) in prison for years.

“The Political Activist Ayomipe Jatto” rather urged Igbo leaders to rally together to resolve the sit-at home syndrome which he described as a burning flame which may turn around to hurt them more.

He stated that south east region is now a war zone without any external aggressor but an enemy they created for themselves and which is now affecting other regions in the country because of lack of unity.

Ayomipe Jatto in an interview with JATTO NEWS said that the south east is a region at war with itself where innocent primary school children are attacked and Igbo markets set ablze by loyalists of Mazi nnamdi kanu in which few south east leaders are agitating for his release.

“The release of Nnamdi Kanu was impossible despite the Court order that allows him to go on bail, which Jatto urges President Bola Tinubu and the APC led government to look into the issue.
The Political activist Ayomipe Jatto said there are other pending cases on him in the courts of which only one granted him bail.

Mr. President need to look into it speedily to a avoid a Civil war which may Last for 7months and 3 weeks as the great seer and Political activist Ayomipe Jatto predicts.

The matter requires following a political solution from the presidency and talks with Eastern Elites.

“Jatto also addressed the current action of bringing out school children, beating and molesting them; burning down of Amaraku market say this actions are inhuman especially to students, says it will have much affect on the children mentally.

“Nigeria is killing itself and unfortunately will remain stagnant, Ayomipe Jatto who’s a strong Political activist from the south west says the people in the south east need to gather and speak with one voice while the people in the Diaspora that have been funding them, claiming that the Fulani herdsmen are killing their women are now regretting the outcome, it’s now clear to them that the Fulani is not the only threat in the south east, rather the lack of unity in the south east is the threat to itself.

“Jatto said a massive protest is better than sitting at home , the Easterns can’t sit-at home for one million years in the guise that they want Nnamdi Kanu out of prison to me it is self deceit because its like one punishing his own children backward which have will affect on business of poor Igbo’s

Jatto in his statement said the President Bola Tinubu needs to get Mazi nnamdi kanu who is a strong leader in the south east released immediately for peace and stability in the country.

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