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Forgive them lord because we will not’- Ukraine vows retaliation after Russian strikes destroy church and UNESCO historical sites in Odesa (photos/videos)

Jul 23, 2023 #News


The Ukrainian military has vowed retaliation after Russian missile strikes on Odesa early Sunday morning, July 23 damaged at least six residential buildings, a Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and “architectural monuments, in the UNESCO heritage city of Odesa.

“Dozens of cars were damaged, facades and roofs of many buildings in the city were damaged and windows were blown out,” Ukraine’s Southern Operational Command said in a statement on Telegram.

“Several craters have been formed in the city. There are power outages, which may hamper traffic, and the route of public transport may be changed.”

The strikes killed at least one person, the statement said and left at least 19 hurt.

Forgive them lord because we will not
Forgive them lord because we will not

“Another 19 people including four children were injured. Eleven adults and three children were hospitalized while the rest are being treated on an outpatient basis,” the statement said.

The Ukrainian Defence Ministry posted on Sunday morning a video of damaged buildings saying God should forgive the Russians because they won’t.

Forgive them lord because we will not
Forgive them lord because we will not

Last night, Russian terrorists attacked Odesa once again. Six residential buildings were destroyed, and many buildings in the city center were damaged. At least one person was killed, and 19 were injured.
During the attack, the Odesa Cathedral was hit. Forgive them, Lord, because we will not.” The Defence Ministry posted.

Ukraine has been struggling in the past week to repel a wave of Russian strikes against Odesa as its air defense systems in that part of the country are unable to cope with the types of missiles that Moscow has used to hit the region.

As of Thursday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russia used almost 70 missiles of various types and almost 90 Shahed drones in just four days in attacks on southern Ukraine.

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