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It’s not okay to ask a couple if they are still married when you notice anything or if a couple intend to have kids – Toke Makinwa educates Nigerians

Jul 25, 2023 #News

Media personality, Toke Makinwa, has taken to social media to educate Nigerians on the kind of questions they are not supposed to be asking people who are not really their friends.

 In the video she posted, Toke said; 

‘’It’s not okay to ask certain questions. If somebody is not your friend and they are not in your social setting and you do not personally have their phone numbers, that means they might be acquainted to you but they are not your friend, it is not okay for you to ask them certain questions.

Yes they stopped posting each other on social media. Yes she is not wearing her ring, yes you see her going out more. Yes you want to ask so bad if they are still married because they are your couple goals or because for some reason you think you are invested in their marriage more than they are. Resist the urge to be stupid. Why are you going to ask someone ‘ Are you guys still married?’’. Don’t you think this is even a personal question to ask?”

Speaking further, she said;

‘’Stop asking people when they are getting married. I know that marriage is your be all and end all and without it you feel like you haven’t come to terms with your purpose in life and you will not be complete but not everyone is thinking like you. Just stop asking people”

She said the one that annoys her is when people ask couples if they want kids

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