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Supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s insider hits back at claim she’s ‘not happy’ after learning of ex-husband Tom Brady’s new relationship with Irina Shayk

Jul 25, 2023 #News

Gisele Bündchen has reportedly slammed claims that she’s upset over the shocking news of her ex-husband Tom Brady now dating her fellow supermodel.

This comes after the legendary NFL quarterback, 45, was pictured gently caressing the 37-year-old Russian’s face after she spent a night at his Los Angeles home on Saturday.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen

A source now tells DailyMail that Gisele initially went through a ‘revolving door of emotions’ about the development, but she is ‘currently in a good place with it all and is hoping for the best.’

The revelation comes after another source said that Tom and Irina’s relationship ‘is not just a fling,’ adding that he is ‘ecstatic’ about the new romance.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen

The source close to Gisele said Tom’s new relationship status was ‘difficult’ for her initially, and ‘she was upset’ at first.

‘It made things more real. She and Tom had something so amazing, it ended,’ they said.

The insider said that Tom’s new relationship was ‘difficult’ for Gisele initially, and ‘she was upset.’  

‘It made things more real. She and Tom had something so amazing, it ended,’ they said.

‘The emotions from that, especially after sharing children, were as emotional as it gets but then she knew she couldn’t hold on to something that was never going to return, she knew this day would come and she honestly would love nothing more than for Tom to be happy.’

Despite her short-lived struggle, Gisele has found peace with the legendary quarterback’s new romance, and her positive feelings for him haven’t been affected at all.

‘She will have a love for him like no other, but her main concern and a part of the healing process is that he chooses someone that is not only right for him but right for their kids,’ they continued.

The source noted that ‘Floozy is not the word, but Gisele doesn’t want some random person leading Tom down a bad path.’

They didn’t appear to be suggesting that Irina counted as a ‘floozy.’

The source clarified that Tom had also behaved appropriately with Gisele and his family when it came to starting a new relationship.

‘Tom is not stupid either, he made sure that Gisele was in the know, and they still have that communication as co-parents,’ they said.

‘But overall, Gisele is just processing it all and coming to a point where she wants to be OK with it and will be OK with it,’ the source added. ‘So she definitely took an elevator of emotions, but she’s currently in a good place with it all and is hoping for the best.’

An insider close to Tom also told DailyMail on Monday that the football star is ‘ecstatic that this is happening,’ referring to his new relationship.

‘He feels that [he and Irina] totally get each other, and he really finds her extremely interesting, entrepreneurial, and has a clever sense of humor that really appeals to everything he is all about,’ they continued.

The source said the former partner of Bradley Cooper was ‘not just a fling,’ and Tom ‘really wants to make this work.’

‘He always told himself after his divorce that he would only get involved with someone that a future could be made, someone he could eventually introduce to his kids,’ they said. ‘He really thinks very highly of her and where this relationship could go. He has zero worry with her, they seem to get each other and get along quite well.’

Another source said that Tom and Irina are ‘dating and having fun.’

‘It was Tom who invited Irina to his home in LA after they really clicked in May [at Joe Nahmad and Madison Headrick’s wedding],’ they explained. 
‘They’ve been in touch ever since then, trying to line up schedules to meet.’

Things seem to be going smashingly for the new couple, according to the source.

‘They have a lot of chemistry and spent the weekend together in LA’ they added. ‘They’re excited to see where it goes but it’s still early days.’

Tom shares two children with Gisele from their marriage: Vivian, 10, and Benjamin, 13. He also has a 15-year-old son named Jack from his previous relationship with the actress and model Bridget Moynahan.

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