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US former Secretary of Defense for Intelligence claims the US has recovered technology that ‘did not originate on this earth’

Jul 26, 2023 #News

US former Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Christopher Mellon has said he believes the US has recovered technology that ‘did not originate on this earth’. 

Ahead of a scheduled Congress hearing about UFOs on Wednesday July 26, Mellon said America ‘may have in our possession off-world technology recovered from someone else’s space program’. 

The 65-year-old served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in the Clinton and Bush administrations, and he now works as a private equity investor.

In 2020, he admitted he was the secret source who provided the New York Times with the three UFO videos it famously published in 2017.

Mellon said he expects some ‘new information’ will surface at the House Oversight Committee hearing on unidentified aerial phenomena – or UFOs – which will also be attended by Air Force and intelligence agency veteran David Grusch on Wednesday. 

‘I expect Dave will provide some new information that we have not heard before,’ Mellon told NewsNation’s Chris Cuomo on Monday evening. 

‘The objective here, I think, and the opportunity, is for the American people to come to better understand why it is that so many in Congress actually takes seriously the idea that there are UFOs, UAP (unexplained aerial phenomenon) that are violating U.S. airspace and the associated rumor, allegation, that we may have in our possession off-world technology recovered from someone else’s space program.

‘I’ve been told that we have recovered technology that did not originate on this Earth, by officials in the Department of Defense and by former intelligence officials,’ he added. 

Back in April, government officials disputed this with the Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick of DOD’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) telling the Senate Armed Services Committee there is ‘no credible evidence thus far of extraterrestrial activity’ or ‘off-world technology’. 

But Mellon said there are ‘credible witnesses’ who are in ‘direct conflict between what Dr. Kirkpatrick is saying’ 

‘Congress is in the middle and they’ve got to sort it out,’ he told Cuomo. 

Mellon suggested that AARO was not best-suited to investigating the issue of recovered technology. 

‘This is like asking the Reagan administration to investigate the Iran-Contra affair,’ he said. 

‘I think (AARO) can serve a very important purpose in terms of investigating, getting the agencies to share information, collating it, developing collection strategies – but when you’re talking about investigating this allegation of recovered materials, that’s a different matter.

‘I think Congress has to drive that investigation itself.’

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