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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie agree to try to settle bitter $350 million legal war over their French vineyard outside of court

Jul 28, 2023 #News

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie agree to try to settle a bitter $350 million legal war over their French vineyard outside of court.

Former celebrity couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have reportedly agreed to try to settle their bitter $350 million legal war over their French vineyard outside of court.

The war between the actors has been the longest celebrity divorce in living memory.

After a legal filing that accused Pitt of bullying and illegal behaviour over the vineyard, they co-owned, it has now been revealed the pair are now working towards resolving their issue.

Both Pitt, 59, and Jolie, 48, have agreed to mediation which could settle their beef.

Documents filed last week in the vineyard dispute show that both stars have agreed to mediation as an alternative method of dispute resolution over Chateau Miraval rather than the matter going to court.

Jolie has also said that she’s willing to take part in a settlement conference.

It also revealed that Pitt has appointed a ‘provisional administrator’ to Chateau Miraval in a bid to resolve the war between himself and the Russians Jolie sold her share of the vineyard. That transaction sparked the current imbroglio.

The move, at Pitt’s suggestion, aims to protect the highly successful wine business which he has helped to build, in conjunction with French wine-makers Famille Perrin.

It will see an independent figure come in to assess the winery and how it is run and (it is hoped), in time, facilitate negotiations between Pitt and Nouvel, the investment company his ex sold to Stoli boss Yuri Shefler.

A French source confirms the move, saying: ‘In view of the dispute between Nouvel LLC (controlled by Stoli boss Yuri Shefler) and Mondo Bongo LLC (controlled by Brad Pitt), Chateau Miraval and its director have requested and obtained the appointment of a provisional administrator by the Draguignan (France) Commercial Court, to enable the company and its director to continue to grow the business and its essential partnership with the Perrin Family until such dispute is resolved, in the interests of Château Miraval, its directors, employees, partners and subsidiaries.’

Pitt and Jolie purchased Chateau Miraval, a 1300-acre estate in the south of France, in 2008.

In 2013,  they started a wine-making business there with the Perrin family leading producers of organic wine from the Southern Rhone Valley.

In 2016, after an incident between Pitt, Jolie, and their children on a plane trip from France to California, Jolie filed for divorce.

In 2022 Pitt launched legal action against Jolie for selling her interest in Chateau Miravel to Russian oligarch Shefler. He had hoped to buy her out himself and is now seeking to have the sale reversed.

Meanwhile, lawyers for Nouvel claimed two weeks ago that Pitt had been ‘looting’ the wine business and using it as his ‘personal cashbox’ for ‘vanity projects’. They are seeking $350 million in damages.

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