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Reality show star, Todd Chrisley says he’s being mistreated in prison due to his celebrity status

Jul 28, 2023 #Feature

American reality show star and businessman, Todd Chrisley has cried out over allegedly being mistreated in prison over his “celebrity status.”

The “Chrisley Knows Best” star has been holed up at Federal Prison Camp Pensacola since January after being sentenced to 12 years in federal custody for fraud and tax evasion. He will also serve 16 months on probation once he is released from prison.

Chrisley’s attorney, Jay Surgent, told TMZ that the star believes he is being photographed while sleeping. He also believes that someone is destroying his mail, as he hasn’t been receiving any. Todd also has complaints about the prison conditions as well, claiming that the facility is plagued with bad plumbing, possible mold and no air conditioning. 

Reality show star, Todd Chrisley says he

Todd also claims that his wife, Julie Chrisley, is dealing with similar conditions over at The Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Ky. She will be spending the next six and a half years serving time there. Once released, she will also serve 16 months of probation.

A representative for the Bureau of Prisons told TMZ the safety of inmates is a top priority, and that both Todd and Julie’s prisons have “contingency plans to address a large range of concerns including ventilation temperatures.” Surgent said that nevertheless, Todd has submitted an application to try to be moved to home confinement for the remainder of his decade-plus sentence.  

Todd’s complaints about prison conditions come the same week that his son, Chase Chrisley, and daughter Savannah Chrisley addressed the same issue on Savannah’s podcast, Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley. “It’s a nightmare,” Chase said of the prisons in which his parents are staying. “They are both in states where it gets to be 100+ degrees, and there’s no air conditioning.”

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