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Aug 1, 2023 #News

It’s uprising impact globally,Laws governing this practice and nation wide views held Around the world, people are under attack for who they are. Living as a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender or intersex ( LGBTQ) person can be life threatening in a number of countries across the globe.

For those who do not live with a daily immediate risk to their life, discrimination on the basis of one’s sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and sex characteristics, can have a devastating effect on physical, mental and emotional well being .

The term, LGBTQ refers to a broad category of people including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex , although we recognize that there are many terms around the world that are used by people to define their sexual orientation or gender identity. The terminology used can vary widely depending on historical, cultural and societal contexts. Some of these people decide to identify with another different gender assigned to them at birth.

Also, they even identify with more than one gender or no gender at all and might use terms like , non-binary, agender, gender fluid to describe their gender identity. Aside from being non discriminatory to these persons, there are some persons who have seconded these thoughts as in support of the general reverse of order in the body. We see in the likes of James Buldwin, a gay author which states that sex and gender are no grounds for healthy relationships or getting attached to someone. “let him love him ….”

The words of this famous gay author in delving into the facts that these are no longer wrong but rightly correcting what nature has done wrong in changing the tides of existence in human body. Also, Zanele Muholu, a south African activist said; “waiting for someone else to validate my existence, it will only mean that I am short changing myself”.
Lastly, one Icelandic prime minister declares that until these rights are status quo all over the world , we cannot consider ourselves truly free.

In every argument, there is a two side about that subject matter at hand .Recent studies have shown a growing number of countries are legalizing same sex marriage amidst a steady advance in rights for the LGBTQ+ people but opposition remains strong in many others. International organizations including the United Nations have issued resolutions in support of LGBTQ rights, but human rights groups say these organisations have limited power to enforce them.

Subsequently , when we critically scrutinize how these trends are growing rampant in modern day world and technological advancement are improving daily, these trends who under civilization, Are they advancing us or taking us backward in our thinking? These rights that are inherent in humans. Are they totally absolute when it concerns human existence? hence, this ushers in some subjective criticisms which evolve according to legislation and attitudes about these practices. Different religious views and traditions hold diverse perspective on this matter, often shaped by interpretation if sacred texts, cultural contexts and evolving social attitude. Religious views on homosexuality span.

a wide spectrum,ranging from strict condemnation to acceptance and inclusion. For instance, the christians hold homosexuality as a very sinful practice , even the islam religion generally renders prohibition.

Homosexuality, has been debated for centuries, eliciting strong opinions from various individuals and communities. Some arguments that have also been raised in favor for homosexuality is the right to love and be loved.Here we see that denying someone of the right to express their love and affection based on their sexual orientation is a violation of their basic human rights .

Another argument is that gender equality as earlier said should be upheld as core value in society.lastly, the last one is the ability to be compassionate, inclusive and understanding, celebrating diversity.

The topic of homosexuality has long been a subject of controversy, sparking debates and discussions across societies and cultures.

While progress has been made towards acceptance and equality for the LGBTQ community, there are individuals who hold reservations or objections to homosexuality. In this article, we will explore some of the arguments against homosexuality, acknowledging the diversity of perspectives on this complex issue. Religious and Moral Beliefs: One of the primary arguments against homosexuality stems from religious or moral convictions.

Many religious texts consider homosexual acts as sinful or immoral, leading some individuals to view homosexuality as a violation of their religious principles. These individuals may argue that society should uphold traditional values and adhere to religious teachings regarding sexuality.

Procreation and natural order: Some people argue that the natural purpose of sexual relationship is procreation and the continuation of human race, hence, if these persons have laws that aids the ability to live a decent life and also the ability to adopt children who will be raised in that manner…I put this question, ” Who will be the ones that will bear these children in the natural order” when all the natural order is altered.

Concern for children and family :Another argument against homosexuality revolves around concerns for children raised in same-sex households. Critics may argue that children need both female and male parental figure to develop properly. However research consistently shows that children raised by same sex couples fare as well as those raised by heterosexual ( male and female) couples.but it is essential that a child’s essential necessities for it’s upbringing is the presence of a male and female figure which creates an adequate ratio in the balance of the child’s welfare.

Psychological effects: This argument raises the veil thrown over the fact that this trend creeps into almost every sector including majorly the entertainment industry which has more impact on more people especially the young ones who are just coming up. For instance, these things are no longer seen as unusual but an important aspect in movies, films, plays , incorporated into our everyday life .
All these constructive arguments are put forward to show that it is being legalised than normal.

These are the countries that have legalized these practices; Netherlands which legalised this practice in 2003, as it was recorded to have been the first to record this practice. Others are; Belgium, Canada, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Norway,Portugal,Argentina, Iceland, Denmark , Luxembourg, Ireland,etc.
In conclusion, this question is put forward to the general populace, Are we advancing through these practices or technology is having a fair share in our generally accepted norms?, Are we saying that there was erroneous mistakes made in creation hence, we need to correct nature? . We have seen globally that this is the new pride and a solace for any kind of unusual trend all over the world. So, homosexuality, LGBTQ community and others have been fonded in the hearts and the uproar so surreal.

 By: Oderhohwo Deborah. Oghenemaro.
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