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Fish sellers protest over high cost of fish in Oyo State (video)

Oct 27, 2023 #News

Fish sellers in Ojoo market, Oyo State, on Thursday, October 26, protested over the rising cost of fish in the market. 

The traders lamented that they now struggle to stock up their goods for sale due to the continuous inflation in the market.

Some of the women complained that they have no husbands to care for them and it is becoming a struggle for them due to the cost of goods.

“We are not doing suffering work anymore,” the women chanted during their protest.

Fish sellers protest over high cost of fish in Oyo State (video)

A market woman who spoke in Yoruba said: “The carton of a sick fish ( Eja Alaran) before was 30,000 and we were okay with it but now the price is 80,000 naira, the carton of Herring fish ( Shawa) was 8,000 naira, we endure it for 20,000, now it is 35,000.

“European hake fish (Panla) is now 26,000, carton of Horse Mackerel (Kote) 40,000, and it wasn’t like this  last week. It is too expensive.” 

She continued: “The association is not doing anything about this, they are just embezzling our money that is the reason why we are out today, we don’t have husbands, we are the only ones taking up our responsibilities. The coolroom said the high cost 

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