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Israel says thousands fleeing south Lebanon as cross-border fire continues

Oct 31, 2023 #News

A little while ago, an IDF spokesman briefed the media on the latest situation in both Israel and the wider region.

Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari repeated a lot of the updates about the “integrated and coordinated air and ground strikes” on hundreds of Hamas targets in Gaza.

He also updated on the situation on the northern Border with Lebanon – where there have been clashes with the Iranian-backed Hezbollah forces in recent weeks.

The IDF spokesman said fighter jets “destroyed infrastructure belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist organisation” in overnight strikes.

Hagari added that thousands of civilians are fleeing southern Lebanon “on their own initiative”, over fears that “Hezbollah will bring war upon them”.

Hamas in a war against the human race, says father of Israeli hostage

Shai Wenkert’s 22-year-old son Omer was abducted from the Supernova music festival in southern Israel on 7 October.

He last heard from Omer at 07:15 that morning. By noon, a photograph of Omer being taken into Gaza alive – wearing only handcuffs and underwear – was circulating.

“I miss him a lot. I haven’t seen him for 25 days,” his father tells BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Wenkert was one of several families of hostages who met Israeli President Isaac Herzog yesterday.

He says the meeting gave him “more strength”, and that the government and IDF are doing the best they can for them to “bring Omer home”.

Wenkert goes on to say that the war is “not just in Israel”.

“What has happened is a war of the world…not just [against] Jews but the human race.”

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