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System Glitch Causes Debt Cancellation On MTN Network

Nov 13, 2023 #News

System glitch in MTN Nigeria’s system has caused the disappearance of debt on the accounts of subscribers who borrowed credit from the company.

The telecommunication disclosed this stating that the disappearance of debts in the subscribers’ accounts was a glitch, meaning that the subscribers will still have to pay the supposed cleared debts once MTN rectifies the issue.

By implications, subscribers who had taken airtime or data loans from MTN may have to pay back the debt on their accounts as the initial debt cancellation was due to an error in MTN system.

This is even as subscribers, who believed the telecom operator deliberately cancelled their debts, have gone to social media to jubilate and appreciate the telecom company.

in response  “MTN Nigeria Communications Plc can confirm a system glitch impacting balance enquiries. As a result, some customers may receive error messages showing that their balances have been cleared.

“This is not the case and all balances will reflect accurate figures once the problem is resolved. Our engineers are currently working to ensure this.

“Please accept our apologies. We regret the inconvenience,” the telecommunication announced 

This incident underscores the impact of technical malfunctions on customer accounts and highlights the importance of prompt resolution to avoid potential misunderstandings.

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