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Madonna is the only university where a girl enters as a virgin and graduates as a virgin – Founder, Fr Edeh, says

Mar 21, 2024

The founder of Madonna University, a private institution in Nigeria,  Rev. Fr.  Emmanuel Edeh, says girls who gain admission into his university as virgins graduate as virgins. 

According to him, the school helps in maintaining this standard. 

While speaking at a ceremony in the school today March 20, Edeh said;

‘’Madonna is a University where there is no secret cult, molestation, exam malpractice, no bullying, zero tolerance for hard drugs and sexual immorality. It is only in this university that it is clearly maintained that girls who entered this university as virgins graduate as virgins. They enter our university as virgins and graduate as virgins. Tell me any other university in the whole world that can maintain this.”

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