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Dino Melaye builds “N35 million” automated carport to house his luxury cars

Mar 26, 2024 #News

Dino Melaye has built an automated car port to house his luxury cars. 

The former Senator has made no secret of his love for luxury cars and power bikes. 

The carport, built outside his mansion, currently houses at least 13 cars. 

The construction of the carport is said to have cost him 35 million Naira. 

Before splurging on the carport, Dino once spoke about housing his cars and bikes in his living room as he considers them part of his furniture and he changes them often. 

He said at the time: “It’s part of the furniture in the living room. They enjoy the AC I enjoy too.” 

When asked why he decided to house his cars in the living room, he said: “That’s all I wanted. I just told my architect I want a car in the living room, and I want my swimming pool suspended on the second floor.” 

Speaking on the bikes, he said: “I also got some very wicked badass two bikes in my living room. I have Davidson in the living room, and I have one of the fastest bikes in the world, Hayabusa, in my living room, with a crocodile seat.” 

With the construction of his automated car port, he has now moved his cars from the living room to their new home. 

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