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May 22, 2024

The general public is hereby notified that the above named Association has applied to the Corporate
Affairs Commission, Abuja for registration under Part C of the Companies and Allied Matters, Act
2020 as mended.
The trustees are:

  1. Dr Joe Alumonah, chairman
  2. Rt Maj Babs Usman Agali, President/Member
  3. Dr Tony Ossai Ebinum,Member
  4. Chief (Engr) Dan Iwenjiwe Achuba, Member
  5. Dr chukudi Ojodume Okuguni, member
    Promote unity, peace, love, friendship, belongingness, understanding and progress, amongst
    members of Okukwe and amongst all parts of Ogume
    ii. Organize on periodic basis; semi-annual, annual and as the need arises, conferences, seminars,
    workshops, symposia, and other for a to provide opportunity for interactive discussions, capacity
    building, progress and enlightenment on matters and issues that significantly impact Ogume and
    the general public.
    iii. Undertake activities and programmes that institute, improve, promote and sustain good, useful
    and competitive education in and of Ogume.
    iv. Embark on programmes and activities that encourage, improve, promote and sustain competitive
    and industrialised economy; agriculture, agribusiness, manufacturing, technology and services,
    in and of Ogume and the general public
    v. Undertake programmes and activities that facilitate and strengthen competitive political economy
    of Ogume and the general public
    vi. Promote science, arts, culture and tourism of Ogume and the general public
    vii. Undertake programmes and activities that develop, improve and promote sports that grow and
    develop up to professional levels for Ogume youths, all residents in Ogume and the general
    viii. Promote, enhance and protect public image of Okukwe Ogume and Ogume people
    ix. Collaborate, associate and partner with other organizations, bodies and agencies of similar
    objectives to facilitate the achievement of the goals of Okukwe Ogume.
    x. Undertake any other activities and programmes that are incidental to the realization of the goals
    and any or all of the objects of Okukwe Ogume
    Any objection to this registration should be directed to the Registrar General of the Corporate Affairs
    Commission, Abuja, within 28 days of this publication.
    Emma Obolu
    R.O. Isama, Esq
    General Secretary
    Legal Adviser
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