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Kano politics can destroy your presidency – Buba Galadima warns Tinubu

Jun 19, 2024

Elder statesman, Buba Galadima, has warned President Bola Tinubu against meddling in Kano state politics. 

Appearing in an Arise TV interview, Galadima said the state’s politics could destroy President Bola Tinubu.  

He said; 

“The federal government and President Bola Tinubu need to be cautious with Kano politics. It will destroy his presidency.

“I want to tell the federal government, including my friend, President Bola Tinubu, that he should be mindful of Kano politics, it will destroy his presidency.

“They never agree on any issue and I have an inherent knowledge of how we dealt with the issue of Kano politics during the NPN when I was the youth leader.

“I know some very powerful politicians in Kano, including some rich men who came to meet the president, that they should remove Abba Yusuf and nothing will happen.

”The man I know should be smarter than what he is by saying that nothing will happen and ask them how did it happen that you didn’t win the election in the first place.”

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