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Angry Dad kills 4 neighbours after one of them ‘exposed himself to his daughter’

Jun 21, 2023 #News


A man who is accused of shooting and killing four of his neighbours said he “lost it” and “snapped” after one of the victims allegedly exposed himself in front of his daughter.

Majorjon Kaylor, 31, was arrested and charged with four counts of murder and one count of burglary and faces the death penalty if he’s convicted of the killings which occured on June 18.

Just after 7 p.m., police received a call that multiple people were killed in a multi-dwelling complex in Kellogg, Idaho.

Police identified the victims as Kenneth Guardipee, 65, his daughter Kenna Guardipee, 41, and her two sons Devin Smith, 18, and Aiken Smith, 16.

The deaths were all ruled homicides by gunshot.

Kaylor, who lived in the same unit as the victims, was arrested shortly afterward in connection to the deaths, with the charging documents calling the shootings premeditated.

Police said they had responded to an incident a week earlier when Kaylor’s wife, Kaylee Kaylor, alleged Devin Smith stood in front of his bedroom window and masturbated as she and her young daughter were outside playing.

Although no arrests were made for the initial call, prosecutors were recommended to charge Smith with indecent exposure, a misdemeanor.

There was no record of Smith being charged as of Tuesday according to the NY Post, meaning either Smith wasn’t served papers before his death, or the case wasn’t made public for a different reason.

“We responded to the call, investigated the call, and the report was done that day and submitted to the prosecutor’s office for charges,” Kellogg Police Chief Paul Twidt said of the incident.

“I stand by what my officer did, and he did everything he could at the time. Nobody could have foreseen anything like this.”

When police arrived at the shooting call, the two older victims were found with gunshot wounds to the temple, while Aiken Smith was found inside shot at point-blank range and Devin had multiple gunshots at close range.

Kaylor’s gun was found with blood and tissue on it.

Prior to the shootings, both Kaylor and his wife had an argument with Smith’s mother about his behaviour.

According to an affidavit seen by NBC News, they feared Kenneth Guardipee wasn’t taking the claims seriously.

Kaylor allegedly told investigators following his arrest that he “lost it,” “snapped,” and “did something about it,” according to CBS2 IdahoNews.

Kaylor also told investigators he became “suspicious and concerned for his children,” saying Smith had allegedly been watching his children and “conduct[ing] acts of nudity”.

After the shooting, Kaylor handed over his phone, keys and wallet to his wife, asking her to tell their children he protected them before placing a .45 handgun in a holster in a truck as he waited for police to arrive, according to court documents obtained by CBS2 IdahoNews.

Prosecuting attorney Ben Allen called the crime “horrific,” noting that one of the victims was a minor and that Kaylor had admitted to the murders.

“Admissions were ultimately made to the offenses charged,” Allen told Shoshone County Magistrate Judge Keisha Oxendine during Kaylor’s initial court appearance.

If found guilty, Kaylor, who is being held without bond, could face the death penalty.

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