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Nigeria misses out on list of top 20 countries with biggest breast sizes in the world

Jun 21, 2023 #News

The countries with the largest breast sizes in the world have been revealed, and Nigeria failed to make the top 20.

While many might think bigger is better when it comes to breast size, new research says this might not be so.

According to information collated by World Data on the average breast size worldwide, a woman’s breast size might be a strong indication of her overall health.

“The largest breasts can be found in Norway, Iceland, the United Kingdom, and the USA, the smallest in Central Africa and Southeast Asia,” World Data reported.

“Overall, it is striking that increased breast sizes often occur in countries where obesity is also a problem.”

The WHO defines overweight as a person who has a BMI that is greater than or equal to 25, and obese as someone whose BMI is 30 or over.

The only country in the top 20 to have a healthy BMI was Denmark at 24.6.

The biggest of the bustier bunch was the United States on 29.0.

Explaining how body fat contributes to the cup size, World data said;

“The female breast consists to a large extent of fatty tissue and glands. The shape of the breasts also depends not only on genetic factors but also on the fat content and composition of the connective tissue,” Generally speaking, the bigger you are in body mass, the bigger your breasts are, too.

The research also showed that African and Asian countries have women with the smallest size of breasts.

“There are various reasons for the striking regional distribution, especially of small sizes, in Central Africa and Southeast Asia,” World Data explains.

“On the one hand, a genetic cause is often cited. Women in these subcontinents are generally smaller and lighter. An average woman in Southeast Asia is about 1.53 m tall and weighs less than 55 kilograms. In Central Africa, women less than 1.60m and less than 60 kilograms are also daintier than the global average. This alone leads to a connection to the then logically smaller breasts with the same body proportions.”

See the list of the world’s top-20 nations based on average cup size, in relation to their BMI

Country              Cup Size,  BMI

1.Norway:             C-D        26.2
2.Luxembourg:     C            25.7
3.Iceland:              C            25.6
4.United States:   C            29.0
5.UK:                     C            27.1
6.Venezuela:         B-C        26.9
7.Colombia:          B-C        26.7
8.Sweden:             B-C        25.4
9.Netherlands:     B-C        25.3
10.Canada:              B-C        26.7
11.Russia:               B-C        26.7
12.Poland:               B-C        26.1
13.Bulgaria:             B-C        25.9
14.Finland:              B-C        25.7
15.Denmark            B-C        24.6
16.Turkey:               B            28.8
17.New Zealand:    B            28.0
18.Ireland:               B            27.1
19.Croatia:              B            26.9
20.Australia:           B            26.8

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