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The Internet Never Forgets-Ikoko Uche

Jul 3, 2023

So literally, the internet is used and accessed by billions of persons, this means whatever you are
posting will definitely be viewed and accessed by so many persons, and once you post anything, be it on Facebook, Whatsapp, Tiktok, Instagram or any of the social media platforms, you eventually lose control of it.

This is because once anything is posted on the internet, it becomes accessible by many other persons and may even be saved or reposted.

Most times people post and delete it minutes later, thinking it can not be accessed anymore. They fail to remember that it has been viewed by some persons who might have saved it or it has been viewed by
people who will eventually tell others about the post.

Before posting anything on the internet, reflect on the cons and pros, and ask yourself certain
questions, like; How will this post benefit me?, What is my aim of posting this?, What will be other peoples opinion about this post?,etc. and don’t just post for fun, or post something because others are posting. This is because whether we like it or not, people judge our personalities from the things we
post, and sometimes the stuffs we post don’t actually portray our real character.

Honestly, posts, tweets, videos or anything posted online sometimes resurfaces.
However, some persons do have the effrontery to post their nudes, videos of them indulging in
immortal acts, taking hard drugs, saying abusive words and other aberrant things which makes no sense,
without thinking of the repercussions.

When I say the internet never forgets, I do not literally mean the internet itself but the people who have watched, viewed or read things posted on the internet. It is stored in most of their memories and
sometimes used as topic of discussions amongst people.
What one post on the internet matters a lot, as it may lead one to doom, criticisms, in some cases death and also some posts may give you fortune.

There are several persons who have lost great opportunities, helps or even planted a thorns in their lives because of things they have posted that came back to haunt them at the brink of their success.

Indeed, it is difficult to erase mistakes made online, therefore, we should consider before posting on any social media platform.
Let’s see occasions where posts made by some persons came back to haunt them.

1) Kevin Hart; he is an American comedian and actor. He made a tweet some years ago, which says; “Yo if my son come home & try’s 2 play with my daughter’s doll house, I’m going to break it over his head & say n my voice ‘stop that’s gay’.” He also tweeted in 2010 saying; “One of my biggest fears is my son growing up and being gay…”

These tweets were made before he became very popular, but however, when it was announced that he will be the host for 91st Oscars ceremony, the tweet however, resurfaces costing him to lose the job for hosting the 2018 Oscars, despite him deleting the post and apologizing way before 2018.

2) Ifunaya Excel; A Nigeria lawyer and a social media influencer , who was called to the Nigerian Bar Association on 28th July, 2021 is alleged to have been suspended by the Nigerian Bar Association, since pictures of her, almost nude were posted on the internet. It was claimed that these pictures were not
taken recently , but however, it got to the public view.

3)Sam Seder; He is a comedian and political commentator, who almost lost his role as an MSNBC contributor, when right wing activist Mike Cernovich uncovered a tweet Seder had written in 2009
about Roman Polanski. At a glance, the tweet looked like it was in support of pedophilia, but Seder had
intended it to be a satirical take on people who stood behind Roman Polanski despite his statutory rape
of a 13-year- old girl. After Seder’s tweet resurfaced, MSNBC originally fired him. However, this action
cause a public outcry, a few days later, Seder was rehired.

4)Tolu Oniru; A Nigerian on-air personality called Toolz, once shared a story of how an unrefined YouTube video of her’s , cost her a potential job when it was brought up during the interview.

Finally, I urge you all to re-evaluate anything you want to post on any social media platform, be it a video, a tweet, picture, comment or even posts you like, don’t use abusive languages on any post because errors made on the internet are difficult to erase and overall,


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