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The Importance of Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

Jul 1, 2023

By Alumona Osuni Grant

Mental Health is an issue that affects millions of people worldwide.it is a topic that is often
stigmatized and misunderstood, leading to many individuals suffering in silence. In recent
years,the importance of mental health awareness has become more prevalent, particularly in the
Workplace.With the COVID -19 pandemic,the need for for mental health has become even more
urgent .

Mental Health issues in the workplace can have a significant impact on productivity , employee
morale ,and overall business success. According to the World Health Organization, depression
and anxiety alone cost the global economy an estimated $ 1trillion per year in lost productivity.

This is a staggering figure that highlights the need for employers to prioritize mental health
support for their employees.
One of the most significant challenges in addressing mental health in the workplace is the
stigma that surrounds it.

Many employees are hesitant to seek for help for fear of being labeled
as weak or incapable. This stigma can lead to employees suffering in silence,which can have
severe consequences for their mental health and well being.
Employers have a crucial role to play in addressing mental in the workplace. They can create a
culture that supports mental health by promoting open communication,reducing stigma,and
providing resources for employees who need help. This can include offering mental health
benefits, providing access to counseling services,and training managers to recognize the signs
of mental health issues.

During the COVID-19 pandemic,the need for mental health support has become even more
urgent.The pandemic has caused significant disruption to people’s lives, including increased
stress, anxiety and isolation.Many employees are struggling to balance work and personal
responsibilities, leading to burnout and exhaustion.
Employers can support their employees during this challenging time by providing resources
such as mental health hotlines, online services and flexible work arrangements.

They can also
prioritize communication and check-ins to ensure that employees are coping with the stress of
the pandemic.
In conclusion, mental health awareness is a crucial issue in the workplace. Employers have a
responsibility to create a culture that supports mental health and reduces stigma. By providing
resources and support, employees maintain good mental health leading to increased
productivity, employees morale and overall business success. The COVID-19 pandemic has
highlighted the urgent need for mental health support, and employers must prioritize this issue
to ensure the well being of their employees.

Alumona Osuni Grant is a Law Student of Delta State University, Oleh Campus

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