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Apply for Ndokwa Association in America, Inc. 2023/2024 Scholarship Award program

Jul 26, 2023

Dear Scholars of Ndokwa Heritage,

Full scholarship award will be given to each Local Government Area: Ndokwa East, Ndokwa West, and Ukwuani, in the amount of $500 towards tuition, per student per academic year, and disbursed to the university’s bursary office on behalf of the student.

The scholarship criteria are as follows:

A student must maintain an average grade point (A.G.P.) of 2.5 in a 4 point Scale and 3.0 in a 5 point Scale.
Each applicant shall accompany his/her application with two of the following
recommendation letters:
a letter from an academic adviser at the student’s school,
a signed or notarized identification letter by a Justice of the Peace (JP) from your Local Government Area.
Each recipient must notify Ndokwa Association in America of any internship/Houseman-ship/Industrial Training during the academic year.

This award will not include any semester the recipient is on a field training unless upon a prior approval from Ndokwa Association In America, Inc. Scholarship Committee.

A recipient must provide his/her transcript for the previous semester before receiving the award money for the

On a separate sheet of paper, before completing this application, please write an essay,
type-written, 12 pt font size maximum, not less than one full page, describing your
academic and career goals. Explain the value of your education in achieving them. You
will be graded on grammar, content, punctuation, spelling, and originality. Attach the
essay document along with other requested documents. We accept only Microsoft
Word, PDF and RTF documents, for the essay.
Recipients will be selected and announced in the first quarter of the school year and the
scholarship award follows thereafter. Please download the following file for future steps that govern the award:




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