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Senate accuses ministerial nominee, Professor Joseph Utsev of age discrepancy

Aug 1, 2023 #News

Ministerial nominee, Professor Joseph Utsev was accused of age discrepancy during screening by the senate. 

During screening today, some senators pointed out that his Curriculum Vitae says he was born in 1980 and started primary school three years after. 

Senate President, Godswill Akpabio said;

“He was three years old when he started his primary education. He finished six years later. He was the classmate of Abba Moro, let us also see if he (Moro) started primary school at age three.”

Responding to this, Benue federal lawmaker, Abba Moro said;

“The discrepancy probably came from typographical error. Let us give him a benefit of the doubt. He has sufficiently discharged himself and he should be asked to take a bow and go.”

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