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Bolt driver surrenders to Rivers police to prove his innocence over missing lady

Oct 28, 2023 #News

A Bolt driver, Kelechi Uzor, has voluntarily turned himself in to the police in Rivers State to prove his innocence following the disappearance of a lady, Miss Elizabeth Edoukumor.

It was gathered that Elizabeth went missing on October 9, 2023 after Uzor dropped her off at Harmony Estate in Obio-Akpor Local Government area of the state. 

Her family posted a plea for information on Facebook, stating that she left her aunt’s place at Harmony Estate to return home but never made it home. 

Elizabeth’s last known location was at Harmony Estate, and her phone became unreachable and switched off. 

Uzor, accompanied by Prince Wiro, a human rights activist, visited the Okporo Police Station, Rumuodara, Obio-Akpor Local Government Area, and denied any involvement in the lady’s disappearance. 

Speaking with journalists in Port Harcourt on Friday, October 28, Uzor explained that he decided to contact the police due to persistent calls and threats from the missing woman’s family.

According to him he had provided a ride to Elizabeth Edoukumor on October 9th, taking her to Harmony Estate. 

He stated that he had parked outside the estate, as entry required authorization. After Miss Edoukumor got permission to enter the estate, he dropped her off, and she paid in cash. 

Uzor noted that he followed security procedures and was checked both when entering and leaving the estate.

After the drop-off, Uzor received calls from individuals inquiring about the lady’s whereabouts. 

He explained that he had only provided transportation and was not privy to her conversations. 

The driver said he started receiving threats and requests to meet with individuals, including a man who claimed to be the girl’s uncle.

‘On October 9, 2023, she booked a ride at Eastern By-Pass (in Port Harcourt). I took her to Harmony Estate at Eliozu. When I got to the estate, I parked because you cannot enter the estate without the authorisation of someone inside,” he explained. 

“When the lady (Elizabeth) got the permission to enter, I entered the estate, parked at the residence she was going to, she offloaded her bags because she came with some goods, paid me in cash and I drove off

“When I entered the estate, I was checked by the security men,  when I was leaving, I was also checked. They checked everything in my car  gave me permission to leave the estate

“Later that night, a lady called me and was asking whether I picked her (Elizabeth) up from the estate, I said no. That what I did was to drop her at the estate and left the place

“After that day, another man called and asked me if I heard anything, if she (Elizabeth) made any call that I could remember. I told him no, that I didn’t listen to her conversation.”

He explained that the next day, some people were calling to lure him to a certain area, saying, “They will call me and ask if I’m a Bolt driver. I should come and pick them so, so place.“ 

“I said no, I cannot that they have to book Bolt first before I can pick anyone. They have been calling, and I now discovered that one of them is the supposed uncle to the girl 

“So, after I refused to meet them, they are now telling me that I am the Bolt driver who took Elizabeth to so and so place. I told them yes that I have explained to them that I dropped the girl and left

“Since then, I have been getting threat calls and like the uncle threatening me that I should better bring the girl alive that this one is bad market. He was saying other threats. I have not received any call from the police to come but I went to the police station to say my own side of the story because the calls and threats are becoming too much

“So I came to find out why the parents of the girl are threatening me because I have no hand in the disappearance of the girl. So I came to the police station to complain.

Wiro, the human rights activist, advised the missing girl’s family to report the case to the police rather than arranging a private meeting with the Bolt driver. 

He stated that Uzor had approached him seeking assistance, and they visited the police station to cooperate with the investigation. 

Bolt driver surrenders to Rivers police to prove his innocence over missing lady
Bolt driver surrenders to Rivers police to prove his innocence over missing lady
Bolt driver surrenders to Rivers police to prove his innocence over missing lady
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