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BETRAYED (Chapter 3) – Mhiz Mirabel

Feb 29, 2024

Chapter 3

What about Harrison, you once told me you were engaged to him… what happened? Natalie asked the depressed Rita

He engaged me Natalie but I broke up with him,I caught him cheating…. She stated

He was cheating on you? Natalie asked

Yes, Natalie I’m loosing it..I don’t know why my parents are doing this to me…Rita cried

Stop crying Rita,I don’t want you to fall sick… Natalie told her

Rita picked up her phone which was lying beside her, she looked at the screen and hissed loudly

Tyler????? Natalie shouted immediately she saw the caller’s name

Not your Tyler please… Replied Rita feeling dizzy

Which other Tyler? Natalie asked fuming

Our classmate in secondary school… said Rita

Natalie let out a deep breath and sighed

Wetin I wan do with your man? Rita said putting down her head

Natalie didn’t respond, she wore her slippers and left the room

Everyone was preparing for Natalie’s wedding that morning,Rita was nowhere to be found
Natalie became scared thinking something bad might have happened to her
She called her several times but she didn’t pick

Natalie excused herself from her friends and rushed to inform Tyler about Rita’s disappearance but Tyler was nowhere to be found

He left after receiving a call… said one of his friends

He didn’t tell you where he was heading to? Natalie asked as she was going nuts already

He didn’t,he left after receiving a call… Tyler’s friend replied

Natalie fainted 😂

Tyler’s friends rushed her to the hospital immediately and the wedding was cancelled

Tyler and Rita were sweating under the hot sun, Tyler held Rita’s hand as they waved down a taxi

Natalie must be going nuts now,I feel for her…Rita said

Likewise me but I can’t just live without you…He said

I can’t wait to make babies with you…Stared Rita

I love you sweetheart…he commented

You know I do too… she responded

They got to their apartment very late at night, Rita was stressed out already
She lay sprawled on the floor snoring like someone who has fallen from a palm tree

Natalie lay on the hospital bed weeping as her parents and friends sat beside her
Consoling her and praying that Tyler comes back as soon as possible

Tyler ran away with my friend… Natalie cried

I always warned you about Rita, she isn’t a good friend now see what she has caused you
She caused you nothing but heartbreak and pains, how do you survive this eh Natalie…her mum yelled

I want to hang myself,I want to die, Tyler disgraced me
Rita must surely pay for the pains she caused me… She wept

Natalie’s dad was speechless,he hissed several times and left the ward murmuring words to himself

Natalie was three weeks pregnant for Tyler without knowing,her mum persuaded to abort the child but she refused
She promised to deal with Tyler and Rita

To Be Continued 🤗

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