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BETRAYED (Cheaper 4) – Mhiz Mirabel

Feb 29, 2024

Chapter 4

Rita dressed up for work, she was picked up her phone which has been ringing for minutes now
She looked at the screen and hissed

“Hello mama” she greeted

Rita where are you? Rita where did you run to? Where did you run to with someone’s husband eh husband snatcher…Her mum shouted over the phone

I am never a husband snatcher, you wanted me to get married and now you’re complaining again..Rita replied brushing her hair

You snatched someone’s husband and call that marriage? You’re really a big disgrace Rita… said her mum

It’s fine, you wanted me to get married and now I’m married, mama please let me be… she replied and ended the call

Who was that baby? Asked Tyler

My mum, that woman doesn’t know what she wants,I’m running late.. she said

I think we should go and see your parents…He suggested

Why? I can’t even go close to that village now that I’m pregnant… She responded putting on her wrist watch

It doesn’t matter…he said

Rita turned and looked at him, she sat down on the bed with her palm on her cheek

You want us to go to the village after what we did to Natalie? C’mon baby this isn’t right
She might arrest us

She won’t do anything…. who’s Natalie? Tyler thundered

You can go Tyler,I don’t want to go to jail… she said not smiling

Are you scared of Natalie? Tyler asked rubbing his palms

Why won’t I? She answered

Natalie sat close to her mum who was reading a magazine
She rubbed her protuded tummy and then tapped her mom

I want to discuss something with you..
She said sitting up

What is it Natalie? Asked her mum

Mum why don’t we arrest Tyler’s parents or get them kidnapped… She suggested

Why?her mum questioned removing her glasses

Mum if we should get them arrested Tyler must come out from his hiding place… she said

You can’t just get Tyler’s parents arrested or kidnapped,they don’t have a….

Mum can you please support me for once? She interrupted

Go and talk to your father about it… said her mum as she Continued with her reading

Natalie looked at her for a while, she stood up and went inside
Her dad sat in the parlour watching his usual evening programme

Dad can I discuss something important with you? She asked sitting beside him

Go ahead Natalie…he urged

Dad why don’t we get Tyler’s parents arrested or kidnapped?

Arrested or kidnapped? What do you mean? why that? Her dad queried

Because I want Tyler to pay for the pains she caused me,if Tyler’s parents should get arrested or kidnapped Tyler must come out of his hiding place… Suggested Natalie

I think you’re right Natalie…her dad said

Natalie blushed…”Yes dad,we should just get them kidnapped” she responded smiling

Don’t worry Natalie…her dad assured

Tyler’s parents were busy in their apartment, Tyler’s mum was preparing breakfast while her husband was cleaning the parlour
They were expecting to of their children that morning

A car drove in and they rushed out thinking it was their children, Tyler’s parents were handcuffed and were taken to a dungeon where they were starved for days

“Are you going to call Tyler right now”? Natalie asked throwing a cell phone at them

Yes ma’am…they responded

Call him now, tell him you too have been kidnapped,he should rush home right or else you two are going to be killed in the next two hours… Said Natalie

You mean you will kill us? Tyler’s mum asked looking at her

Sure!!! She replied

Tyler’s phone rang on the couch where Rita was sitting, she picked the call

Tyler we have been kidnapped… His mum cried

Rita was speechless, she ran upstairs and handed the phone to Tyler

Mum please calm down and talk to me…he said

Tyler we are going to be killed in the next two hours if you don’t show up… His mum said crying

Where are you mum? He asked

I don’t know Tyler, your father and I were kidnapped two days ago and we are going to killed in the next two hours…. She said

Tyler ended the call and dialed Natalie’s number

“Natalie you better stop this nonsense you’re doing,you better stop it because it won’t bring me back to the village, you’re just too old for all this, can’t you just get married to another man and leave me alone”? Tyler screamed

Natalie pointed a gun at Tyler’s dad, she shot him and he died instantly
Tyler screamed loudly from the phone and ended the call

To Be Continued 🤗

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